Friday, January 3, 2014

Only sixteen months late...

In my start-of-year energised crafting mode, I have started several projects lined up for some time. Or rather, I have tried to - but discovered that the dress patterns are the wrong size, and I am missing one essential item (eg pair of knitting needles of a certain size, not quite enough yarn) for all my queued projects. So until I hit the craft shop for the missing links, I've taken the opportunity to complete another never-quite-finished project.

Do you remember this shirt? I bought it from a local second-hand shop in September 2012. I was planning on pimping it up slightly by changing the buttons, but discovered after I'd bought the buttons that they were too big for the buttonholes. Never mind, thought I, this is an opportunity to teach myself how to sew buttonholes. And in July 2013, after throwing a tantrum at the sewing machine, I did indeed start to unpick, enlarge and restitch the buttonholes by hand.

And now, finally, it is finished. Only seventeen months after I started.

On the plus side, I do now know how to stitch buttonholes by hand.

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