Saturday, January 4, 2014

Take a ball of yarn, add a pair of knitting needles...

So having discovered that I am one size of knitting needles short of a cardigan, I popped down to the craft shop on Thursday and made my first purchases of the year - one pair of 4.5mm knitting needles and a cable needle, as I'm finding using DPNs for cables a little fiddly.

I'm using yarn from my stash - originally bought for my cousin's blanket about two or three years ago, but not used because it just didn't work with the other colours. I'm not entirely sure I have enough yarn but I'm starting and I'll get more if I need to. No more 'but I am still missing xyz...' I am starting this project and I am going to see it through to completion! Before 2015!

I'm using the Stitch Nation Anisette Cardigan pattern, free from Ravelry (ah Ravelry) and am already enjoying the sense of creating. I love looking at that growing nub of fabric, tugging it and smelling it (all lanolin-y) and thinking that this piece of fabric did not exist a week ago, I brought it into being. Way cool.

I'm also finding that sitting knitting without distractions - I normally knit in front of the tv or a DVD, or while listening to the radio - I am coming up with yet more creative ideas. I have had several brainwaves so far. Future projects that I can't wait to get stuck into.

So. Another seventeen months for this project, do you think? I'd like to finish earlier, it looks like it's going to be warm!

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