Sunday, January 19, 2014

A minimalist cabin

This post is part of a series on homes that inspire me, as part of mulling over what my dream house looks like. Part One | Part Two

After losing pretty much everything in the economic crash and housing bubble burst, Carmella and her husband found themselves without a home and without jobs. Cue a serious rethink about what they wanted from life and a relocation. But they needed somewhere to live, a transportable habitat (I can't bring myself to refer to this lovely cabin as a 'mobile home') to house themselves and their family.

So they designed a small wooden cabin, just 62 square meters (or 665 sq ft to those of you on Imperial). And somehow - how how how?? - they fit two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious living room with  a kitchen and a dining area. The whole house is wood painted white, it looks so light and spacious, and all the little design touches are so intentional, so beautiful, so much an expression of this family and what they have chosen to bring with them. They've clearly had a difficult journey but they've also clearly built themselves a truly lovely home.

Even the end table has a really lovely story of its own. I've always dreamed of living in a home where every single thing has a story to tell, and they are living exactly that. It is possible!! Who knew?

I am so impressed and intrigued by how they manage to use space so effectively, to get so much valuable living area and so much clever storage and room for a family with kids in a space that is smaller than my flat. How much comes down to the design and layout of the space itself, and how much to how you use it? This cabin makes me wonder how much more I could do with the space we have.

They've also brought this in for a very small budget. That kitchen counter? It might look like soapstone but it's plain old plywood, with clever paint treatment. All over the house there are clever tricks and tips that turn normally unused space into functional design features, like the blackboard panel over the electric fuse box, or the specially designed cupboard over the fridge which holds baking trays and tools.

You can read all about their story, and enjoy the gorgeous photographs of their lovely home, on their blog. (If you can't follow the link, it's called Assortment. Google it already.) All photos are from the blog, used by kind permission, and I really urge you to go browse and take a look. The cabin has also just featured on the cover of Country Living, so there are even more lovely photos over there. If you're inspired to build your own house along the same lines, they do even share the plans...


  1. I have already seen this lady's blog and it is very impressive how they have made such a functional and beautiful home in such a small space. Even though I have a fairly large house I am happiest when in my mobile home which is 28ft by 10ft in total size. I feel so much cosier and secure here than the larger house even though the mobile home is basic and tiny. It really tells me something about what makes a house a home. xxx

    1. How true! Small spaces can clearly make lovely homes - it's all about how we use them. I just haven't figured out the key yet...

  2. I have just found your blog and am enjoying reading back through the posts!
    I, too, loved this little cabin and the way they make it work for their family and their lifestyle - the blog is gorgeous.
    Also, I think you're doing so well in your endeavours, I am almost envious that you are learning so many things (like routines!) that evaded me for many years, though I'm glad I live a simple life now :) However, with hindsight, it would have been a good thing had I embraced these things before I had children LOL

    1. Their blog is gorgeous, isn't it? Such an inspirational cabin.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing some encouragement. I imagine many of these changes are a bit easier to embrace before kids than after!



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