Monday, January 20, 2014

Project 333: Week One

I thought I'd share some initial thoughts after the first week of Project 333.

So far, it's not too hard - I'm not running out of clothes, but I am starting to think more about variety. I don't want to wear the full suit more than once a week, if that, but I am playing around mentally with different options to combine with it. I reach for my jeans, realise they're in the washing machine, and find myself pushed to put together an outfit I wouldn't normally wear, but find I actually quite like.

With fewer clothes, I am caring for them better. I hang them up after I've worn them. I'm more prompt at mending them, and I'm beginning to occasionally iron one or two. I might even polish my shoes. (Hold the front page.)

Mending the zip on my jeans

I've also found that I quite naturally plan my outfits. As I'm hanging up today's work clothes, I pull out an outfit for tomorrow. For the first time I'm thinking about how frequently I wear certain colours and shapes, trying to maximise variety from the clothes I have. This makes getting ready in the mornings a lot easier. Blurry-eyed and half asleep, I can pull on the clothes I set aside the night before and feel reassured I will not get to the office and realise that there's tomato juice stains down the front of my shirt and the trouser hem has come undone. I also don't have to rummage around to find socks or a belt, because it's all laid out.

I think this project is changing how I see my clothes. Rather than consider something 'ok', I wonder why each item should not be better than that? I am starting to see where clothes don't fit, to really notice where they are uncomfortable, to notice that my shoes let in water because they are not wide enough for my feet and the join between sole and upper has worn through. How is it possible I didn't notice all this before? I guess I just chucked something in the cupboard or on the shoe rack. In fact, I don't think I have any items of clothing which fit me, are comfortable, and look good. Everything is one of the three. Why not all of them?

I'm beginning to work on my 'ideal' wardrobe, starting with projects I've had queued up for years some time. I'm starting by converting a pair of my boyfriend's old work trousers, which no longer fit but are really good fabric, into a skirt. I'll keep you posted on progress.


  1. I am enjoying your posts about your wardrobe. I don't have the same predicaments as you do about what to wear each day. I just grab the first lot of farm clothes I can find. But I do remember when I used to go off farm to work and worrying each morning about what to wear. In hindsight and reading your posts, I could have made life a little easier for myself then. I do know that I have way too many clothes and need to cull!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying them! I certainly never expected the simple living journey to bring me to a wardrobe revamp, but it's certainly proving fun.



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