Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gardening greed

As I have finally finished the curtains, I am indulging myself in some garden planning. The idealised image in my head is becoming more developed, and more unrealistic, with each passing day. In my head, it's an English cottage garden-style idyll, with fruit and vegetables and flowers and sweet smelling herbs tumbling over one another in abundance, the paving and pots either unnoticeable through the foliage or so colourful they add to the picture. Climbing plants, hanging plants, minaret fruit trees... And, of course, I will cover the table with a handmade mosaic image, run up some homemade bunting from fabric scraps, and make some brightly coloured padded cushions for the seat chairs.


I am compelled to acknowledge that this is rather ambitious, and not at all practically achievable in year one by a total noob. I am therefore endeavouring to restrict myself as far as possible, so after sitting a little while with my Christmas present to myself, John Harrison's Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces, and the detailed RHS website, I am working on a more practical approach - and a more achievable vision.

I think I will aim for one pot of herbs, one of salad leaves and one of beetroot, possibly intercropped with radishes or spring onions. I really, really want to try more but know that the more scattered my approach is, the more likely that some or all the crops will be overlooked at a critical stage. And hey, I can always plant up another pot of something later in the year if I feel like it.

Of course, I still have to find the pots. And buy seeds and compost. Anyone want to make bets about which month I'll get started?

In my mind, my little balcony will look something like this... (Yes. I know. No need to snigger.) Picture from Wikipedia.

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